Alphabet made of natural flowers, all letters are handcrafted.
Photoshop has been used for color correction only.
Every user could make an individual phrase made of natural flowers
and share it with friends.
  • Designer: Nikita Schukin, Alice Mourou
  • Art Director: Alice Mourou
  • Creative Director: Alice Mourou
  • Design company: Zero Agency
  • Photographer / Operator: Dmitriy Petrov
  • Director / Production adviser: Dmitriy Petrov
  • Producers: Olesya Korsak, Dmitriy Petrov,
    Christina Kopytina, Lena Rodichkina
  • Copywriter: Maxim Kauymi
  • Music: Satoshi Yoshitake (Cubesato)
  • Design Year: 2015